“I hate cold feet while hunting”

“Man were my feet cold today”

“My toes were so cold they hurt”

” I had to get out of my deer stand because my feet were so cold”

These were statements I had made numerous times during my many years of hunting during the Wisconsin deer season, whether it be bow or gun hunting, the temperatures can get well below freezing here, and it never seemed to fail me, the reason I needed to stop hunting was usually because my feet were too cold, not because I had bagged my buck.

So I tried many different products, some worked, most were one time and then stayed in the back of my closet. But then came boot insulators, or better know as boot blankets, you know the ones, they slip over the top of your hunting boots and do a pretty good job of keeping your feet warm. However, they had a few major flaws. One, they were very big and bulky, so big in fact that many times I couldn’t bring myself to add that last thing to the pile of things I needed to pack into my stand area. Two,  they were noisy so you had to be really conscious of rubbing your feet together for fear of deer hearing you.

So it was during one of those hunts of which I had left the boot blankets behind, and as my feet were starting to feel the cold start to tickle my toes, that I started thinking…there has to be a better way! and thus the new BootSuits ™  were born.



The Bulk was by far the biggest factor, so we searched for a insulator that could combat the cold, yet keep the bulk down. After many product samples, we found one that fit both criteria. A heat reflection material, where the heat, as it is  created by your body and escapes your boots, is then reflected back , instead of allowing it to escape and letting the cold attack your feet. Coupled with a 1″ thick polyester insulation on the outside of the reflective material, and covered that with a super soft and quiet brushed polyester the bulk and noise issue was solved.

Inside Boot Suit


If that wasn’t enough, we also added hand warmer pockets. These are needed because if you only throw them inside the insulated boot covers, they soon end up under your feet, and under your feet there is no oxygen, and oxygen is what makes the hand warmers warm. These put the heat right on the toes, the most susceptible area of the foot.

Hand warmer

Then we knew from past experience that when you stand on cold ground the cold comes shooting up from the bottom of your feet. Why? because regular batted insulation works by creating an air pocket between you and the cold, but when flattened down there is no insulating properties left.

The Boot Suits ™ were designed with the Fold A Sole.  A  1/2″  thick cushy foam pad, that when you place your foot into the Boot Suits™ it folds down and is perfectly placed underneath your foot, creating a super barrier between the cold ground and your feet. Yet the Fold A Sole can then fold back flat so you can easily carry them to and from your destination. The Boot Suits™ are only 2″ thick when folded flat.

You can see the seam at the bottom where the Fold A Sole is located.

Boot Suits flat



The www.bootsuits.com are made for sitting and not for hiking in. They will keep your feet warm, but make sure you put them on as soon as you get to your area. If you wait until your feet are cold, there is no heat left to keep warm, and now you just created a cooler.

So get yourself a pair of Boot Suits™ today and be ready to ” Stay The Day ” !