Getting cold hands or feet is not easy to figure out. Two people in the exact same cold conditions and wearing the exact same cold weather clothing will probably result in 2 different results for how long before each one becomes cold.

The body is a high tech piece of machinery, it has the ability to adjust the blood flow to certain parts of the body. It knows when a certain body part is getting colder and pumps more blood to that area to warm it up. It truly is amazing when you think of it.

The problem, like any machine, they all don’t function the same, or correctly. Some bodies do not send enough blood to effected areas that are the most susceptible to the cold-the hands and feet. So to combat those body malfunctions, we must protect the areas more.

The feet seem to be one area, that for some if not most,have trouble keeping warm. The body just can’t get the blood to flow fast enough to keep them warm. Once the feet get cold, the only way to get them warm again, is to get them inside to a heated area.

There is a product that can help maintain the warm and keep the feet warm. Boot Insulators . These slip over the top of your boots and help keep feet warm even in the coldest conditions. Most are not made for walking or hiking in, but for stationary use only. They use the heat of your body to get your feet warm, but that means you must put them on prior to the feet getting cold, so they have some heat to work with. They also may have hand warmer pockets located inside the boot insulators to aid in keeping the feet warm in extremely cold conditions.


There are several different brands of Boot insulators on the market, but the Boot Suits seem to be one of the best for keeping your feet warm in even the coldest conditions.

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