Boot blankets are a brand of boot insulators or insulated boot covers. These have been on the market for many years and have served the hunting and outdoor enthusiast well. However,they have some flaws that many hunters find very annoying and may even have kept them from using them.

Bulky and noisy are 2 of the biggest complaints you get when talking about the original boot blankets.

  • Bulk can be a problem when trekking far back into your favorite deer stand.
  • Noise deer have incredible hearing, and they can hear the littlest noise from many feet away.

The all new Boot Suits have fixed these 2 issues with the following techniques.

  • Bulk – By using the best insulating materials and also with a unique design which creates a large air pocket inside the boot covers. Air is one of the best insulators there is, and is used in almost anything where insulation Boot Suits flat from the cold weather is required. The new Boot Suits ™ are slimmer and very easy to carry to your destination.
  • Noise –  The Outer material used in the Boot Suits ™ is a polyester material, that uses a special weaving that makes it super quiet, and very water resistant.

They fit over boots that measure up to 16″ long, and use a large zipper on top of the insulators,this makes them easy to put on over your boots, and then the zipper locks them tight to your foot. so will basically make them one size fits all.

These are designed and made only to be used while stationary, and not for hiking long distances in. Because these where designed by deer hunters who they themselves spent many hours out in the deer woods with temps well below zero, you can be assured they will keep your feet warm and toasty, yet are easy to carry and are whisper quiet.

So if you suffer from cold feet hunting then a set of insulated boot covers are exactly what you need to keep the feet warm. head over to the  website and get yourself  a pair of these warm, quiet, and easy to carry boot covers, and say goodbye to cold feet forever.