We have all had the days on the deer stand when the toes feel like they are about to break off they are so cold. It all starts with a little tingle of the toes as the cold starts to sneak into the boots, then as time goes on the tingle starts to turn to pain. You think you will be able to stay the entire day, but finally the pain is too much and you head back to camp to try and get feeling back into the feet.

If only there was a better way, like an extra bit of insulation that would help keep the feet warm when the temperatures dip below the freezing point.Well there actually is such a product. Boot insulators are meant to slip over the top of your existing boots, these are meant for stationary use and not to hike in.  and with the proper design can really help to keep the feet comfy warm.

Some boot insulators, like the Boot blankets, use a large amount of extra insulation which does help keep the cold out. However this adds a major flaw to them. They now are big and bulky, and anyone that hunts knows that trekking long distances back to a deer stand requires carrying lots of gear, then add 2 boot blankets that are the size of a small backpack in itself…no thanks.

But there is another boot insulator that just hit the market. The Boot Suits™, they use a heat reflective material inside the boot insulators. By using this type of material, the boot insulators are able to remain very thin, and are only 2” wide; they can easily be packed and carried into your stand area.

The Boot Suits™ also have hand warmer pockets located inside the boot insulators. These are located perfectly so when the warmers are put into the holders they are right on the toes, which is the most susceptible part of the foot.

So the next time you know you have a deer hunt coming up, where you know you will be having to sit for long hours in below freezing temperatures, get yourself a pair of boot insulators like the www.bootsuits.com which will allow you to stay the day, without the problem of cold feet.